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We've heard the testimonials and have received the encouragement -`Get wooing to find your special someone! The temptation to surrender is strong, but before you do, here are seven perils you must wise up to.

On July 20, Ashley Madison, a dating site for like-minded adulterers, was hacked.

A total of 2.7 lakh Indians now live in the fear of their credit card details, chat logs, photos and sexual fantasies being made public.

The Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio -no stone has been left unturned.

Recently, though, online dating has made the wrong kind of headline.

Okay, allow me to clarify exactly what I’m talking about.

There is still ‘something’ out there we can identify as a bond between two people – but when I think of the romanticised idea of love at first sight, or the notion of long-term romances, I’m no longer convinced of their existence.

With trying matchmake people who looking for relationships and are japanese online dating really.

More clearly identified invert is expert at picking the perfect online dating.

Please realize: I'm not endorsing ANY of these critiques or bits of advice or the wording. But they're also honest, which counts for something, I think.

Are many of these responses filled with a fairly depressing amount of body obsession (to say the least)? In the interest of the truth, I wanted to present them here in all of their unfiltered glory.

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