Start Updating a couch

Updating a couch

This is what our staging team did to this sofa to make it look more current and stylish. Next, we scoured the house for pillows and throws/blankets.

Good quality pieces that should stay in there forever!

” My style has changed and luckily it looks like my husband’s style also changed. The sofa is the one that got me working immediately.

They are cheap, brightly colored, and already cut into squares!

Rita’s Turn: From the beginning this was really a marriage of convenience. Before I had this sofa, I had a camel-back sleeper-sofa that I found on craigslist when I was setting up a new household for my kids and me.

Use these thrifty finds and innovative solutions to make the most of what you already have.

(See also: Where to Find Cheap, Good-Looking New Furniture) Plain white IKEA curtains (or equivalents from other stores) are cheap and go with everything, but don't always pack the most stylish punch.

But if you're comfortable building a wooden frame and skinning an old couch (yes, you read that right), you can make a truly unique leather sling sofa like this blogger did.