Start Updating content on web page

Updating content on web page

If a bot comes to your site one week and comes back a month later to discover that nothing has changed, it will wait longer, say 3 months, before coming back again.

While viewing the webpage you have updated, hold down the You will receive confirmation that your cache has been cleared and can now close the terminal session.

As well as a copy of your site stored on your computer, some internet service providers (ISPs) will also keep a copy of the site on their servers.

Try uploading the files again and make sure they are in the right directory.

Our list consists of 4 Adobe products, a CMS and the latest DMXzone's Online Page Editor Add-on with the Advanced HTML Editor 3, all great but yet effective enough?

So what is the best way to let your clients edit static website content without the use of technical expertise?

You have to make sure it is a WYSIWYG authoring environment, so content authors and contributors can edit or update any website or blog without having to learn HTML. In these editors you don't have to edit the source code of your web pages.

So instead of writing blocks of code manually, you manipulate with design components using an editor window.