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Uranium disequilibrium dating laboratories

Our laboratories also contribute to the educational mission at New Mexico Tech and other academic institutions through support of student research projects, and classes on analytical methods.

Recent emerged reef terraces of the Yenkahe Resurgent Block, Tanna, Vanuatu: Implications for volcanic, landslide and tsunami hazards.

Geodynamics: The center of a new Earth Sciences curriculum, and the theme of a new undergraduate laboratory.

1990 Seismic recurrence intervals and the timing of aseismic slip inferred from emerged corals, Vanuatu Frontal Arc.

Chapter in Uranium Series Disequilibrium: Applications to Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences, Harmon, R.

A state of the art clean laboratory facility is used for chemical sample preparation, i.e. Analyses are finally done in the mass spectrometry laboratory which houses a Thermo Finnigan Nept...

Read more The U-series laboratory consists of three different sections:1) a 'dirty' preparation section where small sub-samples are physically separated from rocks or sediments,2) a clean laboratory for chemical separation and purification of samples and3) the mass spectrometry section.

Mass spectrometric measurements of uranium series nuclides and applications to geologic problems. eds., Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, 174-206.15.