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Voice personals dating

Our unparalleled Live Interactive Voice Response technology is available in more than 1300 markets across North America.

You can reach one of our dedicated Associate by dialing 1-800-498-1288.

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I’m glad that rock is back because I look kind of stupid throwing devil horn hand signals at Aesop Rock shows. I might have had something to do with the latter but I can’t be held responsible for the rest of the lovable mess.

You can send and receive messages, or request a totally private, live conversation with the person of your choice.

Afterward everyone had a cigarette outside; I had a Diet Coke.

I like to think it was all the happy, lingering fallout of the dot-com boom, which attracted creative types from all over the country a few eventful years ago—and left a few with half a brain.

Live Connector: Call Tango Personals and record a live greeting, describing yourself and the kind of person you're looking for.