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21 and Pomona-Pitzer falling 2.5 points shy of the Top 25.

There are many creeks and harbours suitable for deep or shoal draft craft and for those who can take the ground.

The majority of members are based in and around the Peak, but with many also living further afield - ranging from Devon to Scotland, via Barbados. The First World War brought activities to a close, but in 1919 the club continued with its explorations, and in 1934 after 4 long years of digging, members finally broke through the restricted 'Narrows' in Nettle Pot to discover one of the Peak's most popular vertical caves. This perhaps remains one of the club's finest achievements to date.

If you'd like to know more, or might be interested in joining the club on one of our Weekend or local Sunday meets, visit the Contact page for details. Baker questioned the validity of the ascent and it was not long before indignant letters were being written in the national and climbing press between Baker and friends of Puttrell. But with the DPC still going strong, and the three founding disciplines of " still driving the club - who knows what the future may hold. For more information on the club's early years of climbing and cave exploration, visit the Club Archives.

The Derbyshire Pennine is fairly unique in the area, in that we've always been a multi-activity club.