Start When is facebook updating news feed

When is facebook updating news feed

The biggest adjustment that is being rolled out today is based on the realization that the amount of time people spend reading or watching content they clicked on is a strong indicator for what types of content they like.

Following Google’s lead in ranking sites, Facebook will now prioritize websites with faster loading times in the News Feed.

Users have expressed frustration after clicking on a link in Facebook only to find themselves waiting for a site or page to properly load.

Just when you were starting to get used to the way Facebook shows your News Feed, it’s time for another shake-up.

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The company has also explained how its upgraded feed works.

As you'd expect, your feed will prioritize posts by people whom you've chosen to "see first," and those whose posts you're inclined to Like or comment on.

This update is supposed to make sure all the posts by people you know show up and that they're near the top above updates made by FB Pages.