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Who is kate hudson dating in 2016

He and Kate share a lot of mutual friends who think she’s ideal for him.” What’s more, the magazine’s either made-up or ill-informed insider claims Hudson asked Jennifer Aniston for “approval” before pursuing Pitt.

The outlet then outrageously suggested that Aniston had allegedly encouraged Hudson to move forward with Pitt and reportedly found her to be just what her ex-husband needed.

“Jen thinks Kate’s exactly what [Brad Pitt] needs right now.

“When you have a father like Kurt who’s sort of been there for the hard stuff …

The publication then incorporated quotes from celebrity security guard Kris Herzog, who knew both Kate and Brad.

She’s fun, she loves music and she has that hippie vibe Brad once loved about Jen,” the alleged insider claimed.

“It’s serious, but they’re trying to keep it top secret until his divorce is final.” In response to the article, a source close to Brad Pitt told that the rumor regarding the actor and Kate Hudson’s alleged romance was “not true.” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been apart for months, and not surprisingly, neither party has moved on from the relationship with someone else, nor are they expected to do so in the near future. Although Brad Pitt may not be looking to move on at the moment, he is expected to move on at some point.

Herzog also revealed his observations that further fueled speculations that Brad and Kate Hudson may be more than dating.