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Who is nate lowman dating

Concurrently, sculptures of colored paper—hanging or self-supported—are both fragile and bold in their presence.

The two-gallery premise is a gambit by the two dealers that last fall featured Rob Pruitt.

The 32-year-old Lowman has shown consistently for the past decade, and makes work that hails from the twin temples of pop-culture atrocity and political disaster, with detours into environmental destruction.

My friend Jeff Elrod once saw a painting in his head, and then he couldn’t make it.

We used to share a studio, and he did these abstract paintings with tape and flat colors, and sometimes he’d be like, “Oh, I know what the painting’s going to look like, so I don’t need to make it.

For Black, the act of making art is a combination of an immediate, visceral process and a concerted effort to make an aesthetically beautiful and seductive object.

Black sculpts vibrant fields of color in large floor works comprised of a powdered plaster that combines domestic products with traditional art-making materials.

"To me, a drop of oil paint or a xerographic dot are the same thing—they're all just language." Just as well: all the works for this upcoming show are still nameless, as titles are the last step.