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Who is stacy london dating

If you watched the hit show on TLC for any of its 10 seasons, you’ll recognize Stacy as the iconic stylist with the gray streak in her hair. Stacy is an incredible example of building a positive self-image, style, and career despite big challenges.

Kelly was executive editor at DNR, a menswear magazine; deputy editor of Mademoiselle, where he penned an advice column under the pseudonym Joe L’Amour; and a contributing editor to Marie Claire.

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In our interview she tells the behind the scenes details of how she overcame a skin disorder, autoimmune disease, poor self-esteem, and the grueling schedule of shooting a TV show and has created a career and brand that is centered in making people, including herself, feel and look their very best.

Even if you don’t care about fashion at all, Stacy sheds interesting light on why style matters for everyone.

Sometimes, people use clothes and fashion as a way to cover up who they are, or to beat people to the punch of putting them in a box.

But fashion can also be impressive, thought provoking, and a way to get what you want.

I love everything we talk about in this Episode 327 with Stacy London.