Start World of warcraft updating blizzard launcher

World of warcraft updating blizzard launcher

Quickly fix PC issues and prevent others from happening with this software: The desktop app helps gamers install and patch their favorite games much easier.

Many users wish they had other options at their disposal, such as manually installing the latest patches.

The system works much like Steam's Voice Chat, letting you talk to friends or friends of friends inside or outside of games, as long as you have the Blizzard Launcher open.

The company promises "high quality voice audio and superior stability," full customization, and the ability to "individually mute and change player volume."To the dismay of some, it's not an in-game chat system, however.

There's no support for the 2002 fantasy RTS as yet, but it's in there... That theory is further backed up by some Blizzcon happenings from last year. Allen Brack revealed that Blizzard had a team working on polishing up their catalogue.