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Yours dating com

Read More » Dating can be fun, with the excitement of meeting new people and the chance of finding new love or a companionship.

Our singles dating site offers the finest internet dating service online and won’t waste your time with failed dates!

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69 - Hammersmith & Fulham, London Still working, but looking to enjoy other things in life!

Friends say I look and act much younger than my age - hope that's true! New Scientist Connect is an online dating service that'll help you find and connect with people like you.

At our some of our parties Mixeo gives out drinks and prizes too. Here's a brief rundown on how to be get ready for your event and how to use Mixeo on the night and afterwards. If you don't already have the app, you'll need to download it. If you didn't book your ticket on Mixeo or it's your first time using it you'll need to login.

Open the app and click login on the top right hand corner.

Also, certain features like View Matches won't be open until the following day. When you meet someone, tap in their Mixeo number and hit go. In this situation you simply enter your preferences into Mixeo after the event or the next day before 5pm You now have the option to select your date as either a yes, a no or a friend depending on how much you want to see them again.